Invitations, Announcements, and Events











Custom Invitations
composed in
written by hand
drawn by hand

Wedding Invitation
for Joe and Erin

The bride sent the invitation to her guests as "a message
in a bottle"---rolled into a scroll and placed inside
of a tapered glass bottle.

Engraved printing of calligraphy and illustration, using 100% cotton paper;
the size of the invitation page measures 6 x 11 inches

Wedding Invitation
for Jeff and Kirsten

Letterpress printing
of my calligraphy as
well as the monogram that I composed for
the couple.

The size of the invitation flat card measures
4.25 x 6 inches

Monogram, JRO

This monogram work of art was originally made for a client who embroidered the art upon a tie.

I wrote the letters in black india ink using a Speedball C-0
pen nib. The size of the work measures 3.25 x 3 inches

Custom calligraphy
R.s.v.p. / Note Cards
made by hand
written by hand
Addressing of the Envelopes

Wedding Guests' R.s.v.p.

I designed the reply card
+ envelope set to accompany the bottle encapsulated invitation wedding scroll
---long and narrow
with emphasis upon
The Great State of Florida's sunny and bright coloration.

Engraved printing. My calligraphy is a personalized cursive script. The flat Card is
of the size, 3.25 x 5-3/16
inches; the European-style Italian envelope measures
5.50 x 3.50 inches

Handmade Stationery

An example of the hand made editions of note cards with envelopes which I produce on
a custom order basis.

Torn papers of high cotton content
are used to make the Folded Notes, while the Envelopes are 100% cotton content. The envelope for this example is A-2, of the size, 5.75 x 4-3/8 inches

Wedding R.s.v.p.

I chose a calligraphy script that would be compatible with the type font of the engraved printed R.s.v.p. flat card.

The envelope style is known as A-6 and is of the size 6.50 x 475 inches

Custom Design
Thank you Note Set

I created the "scalloped seashell" design and the "beach scene" drawing; my work was die-cut and engraved, producing an edition of flat note cards.
In addition, my calligraphy inscription of the address
was engraved on the back flap
of the European-style Italian envelopes---fitting for the
new married couple who
reside in ever-sunny Florida.

The Thank you card measures
6-5/8 x 4.50 inches; the Envelope measures 7 x 4.75 inches

Winter Time Greeting Cards

I made the cards by tearing
a sheet of rugged, heavy
weight, handmade paper
on which I dropped paint
and drew. Upon each envelope,
I attached another piece of handmade paper, and drew pictures, and wrote names.

The size of the flat Card is
5.25 3-3/8 inches; the Envelope
is of the size, 5.50 x 3-5/8 inches

Custom products created for
restaurants, receptions and
special events

wine lists
place cards
name tags

The Mayflower Hotel's Nicholas Restaurant

I designed and produced restaurant menus, wine lists, and special event menus for
The Mayflower Hotel, Washington, D.C. Shown, here, is the Nicholas Restaurant menu cover (with its unseen 4-page menu insert). Every season, fresh new recipe changes by the chef required the printing of a new seasonal menu.

My hand made marbled paper appears on both sides of the menu cover; double-page, printed, laminated; plus, silver foil stamp of the name, Nicholas  The size of the menu cover (folded) is 10 x 15 inches

Nicholas Restaurant
Wine List Title

I composed the calligraphy using india ink
and pointed pen. The original art measures approximately 16 x 7 inches

Thanksgiving Day, Aux Beaux Champs

I designed and produced elaborate restaurant, tea room, cocktail lounge,
and private party menus, place cards, wine lists, as well as custom Hotel signage and
special event invitations, announcements and posters for the Four Seasons Hotel, Washington, D.C.

This work of art was printed in a small quantity for use in the main restaurant of the Hotel.
I wrote the text of the menu in a Continental Batarde (blackletter) script,
using sumi ink with broad pen; and, I drew the two borders with pointed pen, using the same ink.
My original art is the same as the print edition, 11 x 14 inches

Hand Made Place Cards

Drawing on watercolor paper the outline of a map of France, I cut it out, and attached a back-stand---making one place card per name
on the guest list.

The calligraphic ornament
of the Fleur de Lis, I drew
with a broad pen and watercolor paint. Name inscriptions are in Chancery Cursive italic script. The size of each place card is
2-5/8 x 2.75 inches

And, More Place Cards

Examples of place cards that I made for dining events of clients.

Top right:
The sailboat is made of paper; the base is cut from a wood dowel (square). Full place card dimensions: 2.75 x 2.75 x .50 inches

Left:  Satellite photograph of the earth (front and back side)---tab insert into base tent. Full place card dimensions: 3.25 x 2.50 x 7/8 inches

Right: Event patron wine credit; printed table card; dimensions:
3 x 2.50 inches, flat
3 x 1.25 inches, folded

Wedding Anniversary Plate

Using enamel paint upon a set of dinner plates from the restaurant where the wedding reception was held, I inscribed the names of the couple and their Wedding Date.

The diameter of the plates is 11 inches

Works of Art
to honor
Catholic Church Teachings

on the
grounds of
Holy Cross Church

Bulletin Board Background
for Advent

Signifying the heavens and the earth during late Autumn season.

Torn rice papers
and watercolor paint.
The work of art measures
22.50 x 47.50 inches

Bulletin Board

Calligraphy and drawing using watercolor paint.
The work of art measures
22.50 x 47.50 inches

Bulletin Board

Calligraphy and drawing using watercolor paint.
The work of art measures
22.50 x 47.50 inches

Bulletin Board
Corpus Christi

Composition of calligraphy and drawing, plus, torn paper. Watercolor paint
and colored pencil.
The size of the work of art
is 22.50 x 47.50 inches

Bulletin Board

Composition of calligraphy and drawing by means of assorted papers and watercolor paint. The full work of art is of the size
22.50 x 47.50 inches

Sacred Heart of Jesus

I completely re-painted this statue so that it would appear true, even transcendent representation of "Jesus of the Sacred Heart".

I used acrylic paint and gold enamel paint;
the plaster cast sculpture is approximately 15 inches high

Saint Ann
Teaches Young Mary

The work of statuary had faded beyond any recognizable depiction
of the saintly mother and daughter. My objective in re-painting the statue was to make it appear transcendent and true.

I used acrylic paint and gold enamel paint. The plaster cast sculpture measures approximately 15 inches high

Poster for Bingo Game Night

Work of calligraphy art, composed using watercolor paint, sumi ink, and colored pencil; the size of the work is 20 x 20 inches

Mary, Queen
of Heaven
and of Earth

I re-painted parts
of the statue---the face,
in particular---to bring sharper definition to the coloring of the figure,
plus, all of the elements
of ornamentation.

Plaster cast sculpture,
of the approximate size:
18 inches in height

The Infant Jesus Of Prague

I made repairs and refinements to the venerable object statue that include: adhering and re-constructing one of the hands, and a sleeved arm, plus the crown. Afterwards, I painted the whole figure upon its base stand to give
it a fresh appearance.

I sewed and embroidered the Infant's royal vestiment---a blue satin robe; and from the same fabric I sewed a new lining for the crown's interior area. The Child's cape is of silver-grey-blue brocade, gathered at the neckline to form a stand up collar, through which a gold-and-blue satin trim is threaded, for a tie.

Plaster caste sculpture
and base painted using acrylics, and with full royal raiment, is 16 inches in height.

of the Artist

I work with ideas
in exploring the
nature of things.

Composed in sumi ink
and watercolor;
of the size 16 x 21.75
inches, framed

Joanne C. Wasserman